IRCHA 2019 was a great event overall and a success for HRB USA. The event atmosphere was filled with fun and excitement; With almost a steady stream of smiling faces stopping by to get their hands on a new graphene lipo we were busy. From new customers to those wanting to learn more, the interest level was high. Many walked away with their first set to try, while others picked up a few more to further their conversion to our brand.

HRB USA shared booth W9 with Empire/GAUI where they featured the new GAUI NEX6, a 600 class Nitro/Electric model. 

One of the high points for HRB USA at IRCHA 2019 was the HRB 6S 3800mah graphene x2 outfitted into Jc Zankl's Gaui R5 pushed him to a 1st place finish in the MHSFA Speed Cup! With an average of 134 mph Jc's Gaui R5 lead the way powered by HRB graphene lipo batteries. Congrats Jc!

HRB USA looks forward to attending IRCHA 2020, in addition to upcoming local events and fun-flys. We also plan to sponsor many of these smaller events, even if not in attendance, so feel free to reach out and let us know about yours by emailing